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DVD "Encountering Noah's Ark"

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Could all the animals fit on the Ark? Could 8 people really take care of them? How did they feed all of them? Manage the waste? Get fresh air? Could Noah really build an ark that big? Many Christians are plagued by these questions to the point of wondering if it could really be true. This video will provide faith-building answers!

The Conference

"The Great Eclipse"​

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Come experience the 2017 eclipse in the Path of Totality with The Creation Guys. You’ll marvel as you explore the amazing design of God's creation, see why a total solar eclipse is so unique in our solar system, hear from those that were there, and why such miraculous phenomena should cause us to worship God as Creator and King. Come along with Pat and Kyle as they talk to Astronomer Dr. Danny Faulker from Answers in Genesis. The expertise Dr. Faulkner provides will help you and your family focus on how God's handiwork is showcased in a solar eclipse.  

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"Faith on the Edge"

There’s a new wave of Christians converting to a belief in the flat earth and it’s having serious impact on our world. Are you equipped to give Biblical and scientific answers to questions that will inevitably come from family and friends?

Join The Creation Guys, Kyle Justice and Pat Roy as they talk to experts and perform real-life experiments -- including a weather balloon carrying a 360˚ camera 22.75 miles up into the atmosphere!


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The Creation Guys

Kyle Justice                 Pat Roy      

We are Pat Roy, Kyle and Noah Justice.  Pat Roy started a career in radio broadcasting over 30 years ago.  He eventually went on to supervise the broadcasting department for the Institute for Creation Research and eventually produced the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures. 


Kyle Justice started producing TV programming back in the 1980's and worked or produced for Moody Bible Institute, The Family Channel, National Geographic, ESPN, and The Outdoor Channel.  In 2010 he started Awesome Science Media, a prolific media company producing many documentaries and children’s programs on science and the Bible.

Who Are We?
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