Noah Justice

The Creation Guys Co-Host

Noah Justice grew up fascinated with science.  He also had a gift for language and a flair for the dramatic.  At twelve years old on a family road trip, his father (Kyle Justice) put him in front of the camera.  Noah's gifts came alive as he talked about the features at Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Zion National Parks. 


Upon arriving at home, Kyle edited the material together, which became the first few episodes of the Awesome Science DVD series.  The series was so popular that a total of twelve were produced.  This series is distributed on DVD and broadcast television throughout the world.   Many home school families use it for their science curriculum or traveling families use it as they visit the National Parks during summer vacations.

Noah has grown up and is now in college studying to become a mechanical engineer.  Kyle and Noah have been developing a new series entitled, "Awesome Science Applied."  But Noah has also joined The Creation Guys as the intermission host.