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Pat Roy

The Creation Guys Co-Founder/Host

Patrick Roy began in creation ministry at the Institute for Creation Research, where he eventually was the Director of Broadcast and Radio.  He was very instrumental establishing and producing the ICR radio program, “Science Scripture and Salvation” with Dr. John Morris.  Then in 2000, Pat and his wife Sandy created the Jonathan Park Creation Radio Dramas, which they worked on for 15 years.  Pat also wrote booklets to go along with their audio series, with games and experiments.  The Jonathan Park series went on to include over ten albums with over a million sold, and was heard by a worldwide audience on radio stations and networks throughout the globe.  

After retiring from producing Jonathan Park in 2015, Pat and Sandy established Creation Quest, an outreach creation ministry.  Pat began hosting Creation oriented camps, cavern tours, speaking at conferences, producing video segments, directing and writing the Debunking Evolution DVD, developing online learning programs, and holding Creation Worldview classes.  They also started up two new radio projects.  The first was the “Time Chroniclers” kids radio drama, now being sold in their first album.  The second project is Pat’s daily live radio program “Rapid Fire” where he interviews leading creation ministry workers and scientists.  He is also a founding board member of the International Association for Creation.  Pat and Sandy live in Northern California with their two teenage daughters.    

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