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A Creation Presentation

Like You've Never Experienced Before 

A powerful message that communicates God made us with purpose, wrapped in an exciting mix of illusions, audience experiments, game-shows, eye-popping videos,  audience interaction, and so much more, that it can only be described as a family experience.

About the Presentation

Kyle Justice and Pat Roy have teamed-up to present the creation message in an out-of-the-box way that has never been done before. With humor and thought-provoking content presented in such a way that the audience will never know what’s coming next.


The audience will learn about:

  • Evidence Against of the Big Bang

  • The impossibility of the Spontaneous Generation of Life.

  • Why Evolution Doesn’t Work.

  • How the Biblical & Scientific Case Shows We Are Made by the Creator.

  • The Importance of Living with Purpose.

Promo for The Creation Experience

Bring the Creation Experience to Your Venue

We are currently looking for a Church, or other venue, to bring the Creation Experience. We DO NOT charge an honorarium or travel fees!

Venue Requirements:

Large video screen & projector system.

Professional audio & light systems.

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